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Beta readers needed : Roar, YA

I set out to wrute a story for Roar so that I could learn more about writing. This will be my first attempt at a publishable story. I don’t feel that I held to the theme, but I want to finish what I started. I can’t offer experienced beta reads in return, but I will give it my best efforts. I hope to improve my writing and contribute to the comunity, using this story as the first big step.

What I am looking for is atleast 2 experienced beta readers. Someone with a good understanding of grammer would be extreemly helpfull. I have corrected this story as much as I can using software, but there is no replacing a trained eye. I need someone to point out the traps that I keep falling into. I would like 3-5 total beta readers.

My story is about a cheetah who’s heart follows its own path, while he struggles with the burden of finding a pure-bread mate

If you are interested PM me, or message me on twitter @Sonriahwrites

For those who like to know what they are getting in to, how many words do you have and when are you looking to get your feedback by?

Sorry, I thought I had includid that. I suppose I got distracted. I was kinda working at the time.

The word count is 10717. As how soon, all I can say is as soon as possible. I have never done this before so I expect I will need a lot of time for the corrections. Sadly the deadline is Feb 1.

Truth be told I totally got the dates messed up. I had intended to give myself and the beta readers a lot of time, but I messed up.

35 views with no responce. I don’t understand why someone would view the topic if they have no interest. The least they could do is say something posative. Wish me luck or something instead of leaving in silence. This has caused me a tone of frustration and despair that needent have happened.

I dont see any way I can make the submission deadline at this point, but I still really need beta readers. I may not get the full experience that I wanted out of this, but atleast I might be able to learn something. If someone would take the time.

So I understand the struggle looking for beta readers. But there are other places to ask. I mean, there is a channel dedicated to that very subject on the Guild’s Slack and I’ve gotten some trades in Telegram.

I’m sorry you are frustrated by my earlier clarification request, but 10k works isn’t a light investment for me. I also had (and still have) a lot on my plate. I didn’t even finish story until this weekend and still need to try and get my own betas. I know I plan to ask for an extension on the deadline. Most editors are nice about that.

Yeah, the story may not be ready 2/1, but I’ve had stories accepted and published with an extension.

I was never bothered by your post, I just find the silent visit of so many other people disheartening. You atleast pointed out something I could do.

As far as slack and Telegram. I thought slack was some kind of expensive buisness software for corporate meetings? I have never even heard of Telegram? I knew about the writers guild from the people in writing pannels at conventions.

So after seeing your message I installed both apps. They both look to be for private messages. I dont see any way to join a group, or find the fwg in slack. What am I missing? I have I think found the correct group for telegram.

Long story length + deadline not too far away are likely what deter people from offering to be beta readers. It won’t kill you if you don’t manage to find any readers. While beta readers can be very helpful to the writing process, I’ve published many stories without going through their opinions and feedback. The work goes through an editor anyway, before it’s published and presentable. Beta reading is an investment of someone’s time and good will. If no one responds or is not interested, just shrug and move on. Try not to feel offended or frustrated. Learn from this and proceed with a better attitude and planning in the future.

Yeah, Im still super mad at myself for messing up the dates. The story is only a little over 10k words, I thought that was average? Its 6k below the max, so if that is considered long then what is considered normal? I have been writing for myself for years but this is all new to me, so I can only judge based on my reading speed, and the anthology min/max rule.

As far as submitting with out being beta read, I cant imagine that to be a good Idea. I do follow several editors on twitter, and there opinion on this is clear. Besides that, I have no experience, so I would bet my story is a giant mess, (another reason I’m probably not finding readers) and Im just too inexperienced to see it. I dont think I would be getting off on the right foot sending it in as is. I already know letting my stress get out of hand enough to show up here isn’t doing me any favors. I can’t change that now but, I can move forward with a level head, and better attitude.

Thanks for the advice though. I do appreciate it.

So you can get more info about our Slack on this page: http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?topic=961.0

I’ll DM you the link the FWG Telegram.