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Beta Readers/Critiques Wanted For Werewolves Vs. Hollywood submission

Took the route of historical fiction for this one, basing it on the life of silent film actress Alla Nazimova and he relationship with a composite character based on several real individuals. Presently, I just did a self-edit that cleaned up a lot of things but I still have a lot of doubts if there are any areas of the story that are weak/could be tightened up and whether the story is clear enough for the reader to follow along (because I’m an admitted film buff I worry some aspects may be too dense for the reader and welcome any attempt to scale back on anything that isn’t needed towards the overall narrative).

If interested, drop me a DM or reply here with your email address and I’ll gladly send the document along :slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance!

Out of gratitude for critiquing my Infurno story earlier, I’d be happy to look it over! I’m a casual moviegoer at best so maybe I can help you with that concern if something’s above the head of anyone who’s not a film buff. You know my email; just send it over and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.

Domo arigatou, Sibir! Expect it in your email box shortly :slight_smile: