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Beta Readers/Critique Needed For Fossil Lake 5 Short Story

Hey Guys!

So I just finished up a piece for Fossil Lake V’s WERE-WHAT anthology. I was in need of someone (or someone’s) to look over the finished work and instruct me on the usual (strengths, weaknesses, etc.). Now, the submission calls for a 5,000 word max and right now I’m sitting at over 6,300. I want to try and get it edited down a little more to being within that 5,000 ballpark but otherwise I could hope that the editors at Fossil Lake might make some leeway if its a little over than way over like I am now.

If interested, just let me know here and I’ll DM you the story.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

I could try and give it a look.

Sent it to you sir! Thank you!

Hi there! Would you like another reader? I’d be happy to take a look! :slight_smile:

Certainly! The more the merrier and the more I learn this craft better! Expect it in your drop box shortly :slight_smile: