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Beta Read: YA Wrestling Story For SPECIES: Tigers

Hello all! Once again, throwing out a net to reel in any potential beta readers.

The story itself is most definitely YA with the subject matter being professional wrestling. There are two brief wrestling “scenes” I guess you could say, and one of my concerns were if the action was easy enough to follow. I also used some insider terms that I know others would have to google to look up their meaning, but otherwise, it’s not quite as wrestling centric with wrestling only as a leitmotif to hang my story’s iceberg theme on.

Anyway, the overall story is 6.8k, or about 24 pages in length. If interested, either drop your email address here or DM for privacy.

And as always, I’m up for beta reading in return anything of yours, potential beta reader!

I’ll give it a shot, Bacon, if the deadline isn’t too soonish.
I can be reached at Greyflank via Hotmail or Gmail…

January 1 is the deadline, if that’s not soonish sounding. If it is, I completely understand, as I know you’re just as busy as all of us. If you do get around to reading, thank you in advance! I’ll send it your way shortly.

I can take a look at it for ya. I’m a bit of a fan of pro wrestling myself and am quite familiar with writing action sequences in that context. My email is frickben1@gmail.com, or, if you prefer, you can reach me on Telegram, Skype, Discord, Kik, or Twitter; I can send you those via email if you’d like.

And if you’re willing to take a look at something in return, I do have a story I’m hoping to get into either SPECIES: Tigers or ROAR 9 (depending on when I get this finished and polished up). I can give you more info about that via email as well.

Excelsior! Thank you, I’ll send it your way via gmail shortly.

And of course I’d be more than willing to look something over for you. Whichever one for Tigers or ROAR 9 that you get finished, just send it on over.

Hello Bacon! Sorry for the delay, you should see my marked up betaread in your maibox that next time you poke your head in there.

Heyo! Just sent an email to ya with my comments. I’m curious what it’ll look like all fleshed-out and polished up in the end, and if you plan on adding more to the story or not.

I just got it, thanks for taking the time to read it! I didn’t see the marked up version though but that could be the browser I’m on not showing them.

Thank you kindly!

I’ll be working on this one based on the feedback I’d gotten so you’ll see it go just a bit further :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ll be looking over yours and hope to have feedback done by Monday!