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Beta Read: YA magical realism story for SPECIES: Otters

Hello good guildmates! Once again I’m in need of another pair of eyes and another opinion on a piece I’ve written.

Once again it’s written in a YA style I’ve slowly been developing, and I think it fits within calling it magical realism, though if anyones familiar with the best way to make such a thing work and you’re beta reading, please tell me any suggestions!

The story is around 7600 words/24 pages, so it’s not a long read at all. As I always say in these threads, if you’re an interested party, please be as brutal as you can in your critique and don’t hold back telling me what you think can be done better. Some of my main concerns are on if the characters come across well, if the dialogue can be tightened up anywhere, and if there’s anything that can be omitted.

Finally, I’m always up for beta reading anyone else’s thing if you so happened to have anything in return that needs reading. The deadline for submission isn’t til July 1 so that’s a heckuva lot of time with no pressure.

If interested, either reply here or DM me with your preferred email address so I can send it.

Thank you in advance and thank you to anyone who reads this but declines to beta!

I’m interested and happy to take a look. If you don’t mind hearing from me again, that is. ;D

Always glad to have your eyes glance at my things, and as usual I am more than happy to be your Beta 8)

I would be up for a beta trade. My storie is around 5.5k words for species wild cats. My storie is also YA.

See my post or message me for the details!

That’s fine! Going to message you now, thanks :slight_smile: