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Beta Read: Qibla for Roar 9 #Resist (a love story from Aesop's World)

Hello… as I often do, I started something that got a little out of control.

As you know, the upcoming Roar will have resistance as its theme. So… I guess you could say that I’m known for my darker stuff. It would be really easy to do something dark for resistance… but I created these two characters for a project that sorta fell apart. I had the kink of textures as a theme and I kept accidentally doing dark and terrible things to them. And after several restarts and a few revisions, I finally got them under control and this kink story finally came together with love. I loved both of these characters by the time I sent them out to the editors.

QIBLA is not that story, but it takes place a year or so after the kink story with a mature Alligator who’s a former Chromatic and a young Cat who was expelled from his Darwinist family because of his kink. Because this is ROAR, I only hint at this kink and I try to keep it all very PC.

And, don’t worry about the religions. They all fit in the Aesop’s World mythos and you may have seen them in my Brooklyn Blackie stories or Unbalanced Scales. If I did this right, you can sub other religions in your head.

I have a link here for your review. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sXQmshbIWZwRNZfKBdbzn1CoX0-lKs5GL-DZJeF2D6w/edit?usp=sharing :wink: Thank you for your help because this is a really long story.

Ill start looking over this when I can.

E-mail me a copy of whatever you like. Just be patient, is all I ask.

Thank you both!

Ill try looking over it some tonight.

Ill finish beta reading when I can… I’ve had a loooot of setbacks.

No worries. I’m either working on the sequel or the rest of the book. I’m not sure yet. :o

I made more progress but I didn’t finish like I was hoping x.x… This story is longer that I thought.

It is a very long story.
Don’t worry too much about the grammar. Once I forget what I’ve written, I’ll be able to see those mistakes.

You’re doing a great job letting me know how a reader not familiar with Aesop’s World might see things.