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Beta read for action scene | ROAR 9

I know the due date for this anthology is a week and a half away, but I’m wondering if anyone’s willing to take a look at an action scene in my story, along with the follow-up. This is also the final scene, so there are some parts in here that tie-in with what all happened prior; if you really don’t want to read the ~13,000 word story beforehand, that’s perfectly fine with me.

This last bit includes a boxing match and a very short scene that takes place soon after. It’s ~3,800 words, and I hope the pacing and action makes it a quick and engaging read.

As I mentioned, there are some parts here that have context within the story as a whole. However, my main concern is the fight itself.

I will also be willing to beta-read anything in return that’s around the same length or less, but I can be flexible with that.