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Snout, BanWynn’s husband, dropped in on the shoutbox with an update on Ban’s health. I thought I’d post it here so people knew what was going on. Hope that’s OK.

Hello. This Snout, BanWynn's husband. He wanted me update guild. He is going to be fine, but is having problems with fluid in his brain. His head hit right on the spot for vision. He gets sick if he doesn't keep moving his eyes to different distances. Computers are the worst for him right now.

The doctors say that they might need to relieve the pressure a second time and say that he will be coming home possibly a week from now or two weeks at the latest.

Best wishes to BanWynn for a speedy recovery!

Ban’s been in the shoutbox a few times this week.

Part of his recovery efforts include limited time with the computer.

If trying to contact please be aware that his window to communicate is rather narrow at this time.

I wasn’t aware of this at all >.< My thoughts are with him and his for a speedy recovery.

Wishing him the best. I miss chatting with him on the regular.

I hope he has a speedy recovery!