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Awareness Weeks

So this is an idea we on the moderator team at Slack have been kicking around, and we’d like to get more input on it. In an effort to amplify marginalized voices, we’d like to start something called Awareness Week. The second week of each month, we’d like to focus on a particular marginalized voice from different cultures, faiths, sexualities, and genders. We’d also like to do something for disabilities, both mental and physical, and non-neurotypical folks. We have a few ideas of how we’d like to go about these posts, everything from author spotlights to AMAs to scheduled interviews. What we’re looking for are people who’d be interested in being a part of this project. It’s strictly a volunteer thing, no one needs to speak if they don’t wish to, and every effort will be made to make this experience comfortable for anyone who volunteers.

For December, we’d like to start with Southeast Asia. Any members from this region who would like to speak about their experiences, their homeland, what people get wrong most often and what you’d wish more people would get right, please contact either me or Ritter.


I’d be interested in participating. What data do you want presented here, beyond an expression of interest?

For now, an expression of interest is sufficient. At your earliest convenience, send an email either to me or Ritter with which group you’d like to represent, if you’d prefer something like a structured interview format by email or an informal AMA, or both. (Or a third option, we’re open to suggestion!) :slight_smile: