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Awareness Week Author Spotlight: Allison Thai

Our first Awareness Week post is live!

I love that we’re doing this. Great post! <3

Very cool.


Yes! Really enjoyed reading this. Congrats to Allison and to all concerned!

“With Vietnam in particular, too often I’ve seen it reduced to some exotic, hostile, degenerate backdrop for Vietnam War stories. I keep seeing in these stories, told from the American perspective, how strange and ugly Vietnam is and how they’re aching to finally get home after blasting those Vietcong scum to kingdom come. Honestly, reading about any departure from this would be welcoming.”

Can’t agree with this enough, and I think as well the general concept could be extrapolated to a whole host of other cultures. Certain places (and the people from them) always seem to get defined by exactly one thing in the USA popular consciousness, even if those places have cultures dating back centuries before the US was even founded.

Very interesting read. Thanks, Allison et al.