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Are you on Furgather?

Might as well start a thread for this as well.

For those of you that haven’t heard of it, is basically Facebook for furries. It even has a similar layout. I’m for it because it’s much more simple. It doesn’t make my phone or computer want to cry when opened.


Post your handles for this site here!

Groups - www.furgather.com/furrywriters

Those that are on:
Sean - www.furgather.com/srivercritic
Voice - www.furgather.com/voicespider
Ractus - www.furgather.com/ractustherat
Mars - www.furgather.com/marssnowleopard
Nightflurry/Tana - www.furgather.com/tanawolf


Yep, I joined the wagon train.
Actually, I rather like it.
Good way to keep furry and my personal life separate. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hop on the band wagon! Weeeee!

I heard mention of a bandwagon?


Now how do I harass you all with farmville or something…?

And then this happened:

Cause yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

Super-Blocked by work’s firewall >.< So I might not join since most of my online time is at work.

Hmm, not currently. Is it any good?

Facebook with furries.
With friend hoarders galore.
So far, nothing too good, nothing too bad.

Maybe sometime in the future then! Not too sure how much I want to get involved in the fandom. Yes, why am I here? XD

I just can’t keep up with anymore sites o__@

A lovely person did some art for me on FA a month ago and I just saw it today >___<

I used it for a very short time, after finding few new posts I just left it. :-[