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Arcana - Call for Submissions

Hey! I had grand, scheming plans for this, and many of them fell over. Ah well, the best laid plans of foxes and editors, and all that.

So, let’s do this!

Arcana - A Tarot Anthology

First and foremost, here is the call itself, which will be kept most up to date: http://writing.drab-makyo.com/anthologies/arcana/

The details:

Arcana is an anthology of furry fiction edited by Makyo and published by Thurston Howl Publications. Twenty-two submissions for each of the twenty-two major arcana cards. Each card suggests a theme, and each submission should expand on that theme through a character-driven plot. The challenge for the author will be to come up with a story that showcases the ideas behind their card in a relatively short span. The challenge for the editors will be to find stories that create an anthology that is diverse enough to enjoy while still being cohesive enough to be able to read from cover to cover.

Thankfully, the Major Arcana - the first 22 cards of the Tarot deck - already tell a story of growth and fulfillment on their own. We just need some lovely words from some lovely authors!

Wordcount: 2000-5000 words

Payment: 1/2 cent per word

Deadline: Late March/Early April

Previous publication: Yes (so long as it’s currently unencumbered or the other publisher is fine with it, etc. etc.)

Multiple submissions: Within the anthology, yes; within each card, no.

Content restrictions: G to PG-13 (soft R okay; mention of sex or some violence is okay, but oughtn’t be the focus of the story)

Submissions available: Some cards are invite only to help encourage a more even spread of submissions across all 22 major arcana. These are listed on the cards page. Additionally, to help let writers know what cards are being worked on, you may pledge for a card. This will just increment a number on the listing so that folks know how many planned submissions are in the works for a card.

How to submit: Submissions should be anonymous (purge your documents, please). Accepting Microsoft Office, LibreOffice/OpenOffice, text, Markdown, LaTeX. Please see the posted call for more details.

Sounds fun! I’ve pledged for one of 'em.

How firm is that 5000 word cap? (looking hard at the finish line and thinking I’m going to have some cutting to do!)

We’ll certainly accept stories that go over! It’d be better to be under the limit, but it’s not a hard one. Please do submit, though, and we’ll see where it leads :slight_smile:

Who is the publisher?

I totally missed this. ._.

Reminder reminder remiiiinder! Arcana is still open for submissions!

The call closes on March 31st, and I’d really like to see something for every card. The Emperor has zero pledges, and The Magician, Strength, The Devil, and Judgement all only have one pledge! There’s some tasty archetypes to be had in there :9 More info here: http://writing.drab-makyo.com/anthologies/arcana/

Is there a specific genre such as fantasy, or is science fantasy allowed?

No restrictions on genre for submissions! The flavor of the submissions that we do receive will determine the genre tendencies of the anthology, of course, but please do submit what you have or want to write!

If you allow multiple submissions, is it possible to get multiple acceptances?

Potentially! However, in order to provide a diverse anthology, it won’t be too likely.

That makes sense. There are plenty of options to run with and I like that freedom, but of course it’s up to you to decide the final results.

Hey all! Submitify is, honestly, a little too flaky to use. To that end, I’ve closed submissions on that site, and request that all future submissions just be emailed to makyo.thurstonhowlpub+arcana@gmail.com instead! Thank you, and sorry for the troubles folks went through!

Folks who have already submitted through the old system, please don’t worry! Your submission is still safe in my paws :slight_smile:

Do you need us to resub if we’ve already sent it in, or are we good?


The submission call says to purge identifying data from your document so that it’s anonymous. Is that still true for submissions from people who were invited to write for specific cards?

No need to resub! All the stuff that’s in the system is still there; just making it easier on new folks.

No, sorry! I’ll clarify that :slight_smile: Will know whose is whose for invitees based on the list.

Great! I should be submitting my story soon. I’m getting critiques on it from my writing group tonight.

Good to know that subs that came in before the change in plan are ok. When should we expect to hear decisions?

I just submitted my story. I hope I did it the right way.