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AquatiFur 2017 (October 20 - 22, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin USA)

Hello friends! My brother-in-publishing Zarpaulus and I will be hosting the following writing panel during AquatiFur. Any and all of our esteemed forum members are welcome to join us! Though please let Zarp or I know if you’re coming–should we get a quorum Makyo said she and Chip will help us put together an additional FWG Meet 'n Greet. Thank you!


“Exploring Avenues to Publication”

Panel, Writing, General Audience

Published authors share influences, motivations, and milestones from their creative journeys to inform and inspire fellow writers in the furry community. Panelists include members of the Furry Writer’s Guild.

Got about three weeks left to plan.

Registered this weekend! Hurry all before the admission goes up.