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Anyone willing to create a mentor program?

In this day and age, our digital age seems to take away from the need for people to read physical print books or even read a newspaper. I feel that it is very important for the quality of writing to improve. It’s to easy to post text and not bother proofreading it.

This is what I ask, if any of the more experienced writers wish to start up some sort of mentor program for novice writers (like myself.)

I’ve been out of school and college since 2006. I fully admit that I’ve forgotten a lot of what I learned grammar wise. The downside is I’m very limited on data so I can’t do anything beyond text or pre-recorded podcasts. (No video or streaming at all.)

If anyone is able to set something up like this, I feel it could help a lot of people.

We did have one a while back and it seemed to die a bit; I think it’s been abandoned. I was on the mentor side and enjoyed bullying my mentee into writing more, though I don’t know how helpful they found it!

I would write more if my family left me alone. I’m barely hitting 500 words a day when I could easily hit 10k a week. Though, stress has been a factor.

I just find I need a refresher on certian things.

I feel like I could use some grammar help too, so this would be helpful for me too.

Yep, so this is one of the things I implemented back when I was in charge of the guild. It worked for some, but the number of people wanting to step into the mentor role was slim, and I got some pushback from some of those qualified to be mentors.

This subject has been brought up enough times to where it could be viable for someone to bring back, though the revived though ends up usually being from those who wish to be mentees, not mentors.

Isn’t it always going to be the case that there are writers actively looking for mentoring? It really seems like something I would expect from a forum like this.
Especially with the strapline

Supporting, informing, elevating, and promoting quality anthropomorphic fiction and its creators

I for one would be very grateful for support that helps me become a better writer.

Oooh, this sounds wonderful! I’d be glad to offer what mentoring I can, and would love the chance to learn from all you wonderful folks n.n

I may be interested in being a mentor, but I don’t fully know what that would entail. If there was a “job description” about, I’d be more willing.

I’d like to do mentoring, but I think the program would have to have a strong structure/boundaries in place. I’ve worked with new writer’s before and love it, but depending on the individuals, it can turn into a constant and heavy workload. If there were limits on time and personal space, like a schedule for check ins and strictly defined duties of the mentor, then maybe more authors would want to do the mentoring?
Unfortunately most authors have busy writing schedules of their own, and if the process begins to take away from their time to do their own writing, I can see why there might be hesitation.

If mentoring is interpreted as, read and critique everything I write, (not here, but I’ve seen this go bad in other places) then a lot of people are going to be gun-shy simply because of time commitments.

I’m a huge believer in pay it forward and helping others, but I’ve had that taken advantage of before.

What would one need to have a general knowledge of to be a mentor, just curious?