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Anyone in London or there about?

My husband and I want to go to London for several days during this trip I would like to spend a day in Portsmouth to visit the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Is anyone here familiar with that area? Is it realistic to try and plan this as a train ride there and back?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Well, consider this perfect timing! I just visited the UK a week ago and spent a few days in London before taking a train to Nottingham to visit some friends. There is a train to Portsmouth from London, but I would recommend doing research on the maps to properly plan it out.

I would also recommend figure whether or not the trip to Portsmouth will be a whole day or if you’re staying for a single night. The trains across the nation are very long and may range from a few hours to several, so definitely check it out.

Hi! I live in London and I know Portsmouth reasonably well. It’s certainly a realistic train journey - about 1.5 hours from London Waterloo, lots of trains, no changes. Some trains from Victoria too. (You’ll get cheaper fares if you book in advance at http://www.nationalrail.co.uk)

Hit me up nearer the time if you want to try and meet for a coffee or something!

Thank you both so much!

I’ll definitely hit you up Huskyteer!

Trip booked. I’ll be in London July 9th through the 13th. I am unbelievably excited!