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Just got the confirmation that we have a Furry Writer’s Guild meet and greet on the schedule for AnthroNW. :slight_smile:
There will also be a furry writing panel and an open mic reading (pg excerpts only) on Sat.

Way looking forward to seeing a bunch of guild folks at this one.

FYI, I’m looking for someone to split a hotel room with me. I have a reservation at the con hotel for Thurs, Fri, & Sat night.

I totally would have! But we’re cramming three into our room and already have someone on the floor. If they give us the fold out couch I requested, I have a floor free. lol

Yeah, I was just looking at the cost and I cannot afford it alone. If I don’t get a taker in the next few days I’m going to cancel my con hotel room and get a cheaper one out by the airport and just do transit in.