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Anthrocon 2019 Writing Track Seeking Panelists

Hey all,

Been while since I’ve posted here (the last year and a half have been rough on my writing life) but we’re coming back around to AC planning time, and as I’m working out the schedule, I’m looking for a few more available panelists for the core track that will be attending Anthrocon 2019.

While I’m open to any number of new voices, I’m also very specifically interested in gathering more female, trans, non-binary, and POC voices in writing in the furry fandom, especially for some of the panels I’d like to be able to feature.

If you feel like you’ll be available and attending AC this year, I want to hear from you in the next couple days. It can be below, a private message, an email, Twitter, whatever. Just include a good place to find and sample your writing if we haven’t met yet as well as any panel experience you’ve had in the past.

I look forward to hearing from folks!

Ianus J. Wolf

Hey there!

I tossed you a reply on Telegram, as we were briefly discussing this before, but to summarize: I’m a non-binary/genderqueer transgender person (though I’m only more recently stepping into the realm of externalizing it), and I focus on and explore a lot of details involving identity in my work due to their importance to me personally, and my feelings involving their importance at large. I’m also constantly neck-deep in sci-fi, as technology is–and will most likely continue to be–increasingly involved with how we explore and present ourselves. Furries in general are already a good example of this, with chosen avatar presence online being one of the core tenets of the community.

Examples of my work can be found with Puppets in ROAR Volume 7, and Post-Isolation in ROAR Volume 9.

– Ellis Aen