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Anthrocon 2017!

Come on, fluffs! Who am I going to see there? There’s a Starbucks right in the main hotel, the perfect writer meet-up place. Paws up! Paws up!

I’ll be there; will be my first Anthrocon and I’m way excited. Will be at a number of the writing panels and panelist on two of them (Intermediate Writing and Fantasy Writing)

I’ll be there as well. And it is also my first AC. And the start of Camp NaNoWriMo. Gotta get words down, so morning meets for coffee and writing sound great.

I’ll also be there. I’m also an AC newbie.

I’ll be there! Can’t wait to attend a bunch of writing panels and by lots of books!

Aww, you are all making me sad I am not going this year. :’(

Hope you all have a blast, especially those of you where it’s your first time!

We are in the Dealer’s Den, F19. Visit and bring coffee and books! I’m only going to be doing one panel, the Blackgate one. Always free if people want to find me after hours tho!