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Anthrocon 2015

I note that the deadline for panel submissions is in just a few days:


If there’s anyone who’s going who’d be willing to host a FWG meet-and-greet/info panel, please feel free to submit one to them. And if you’re able to distribute FWG promo material at AC (flyers and bookmarks), let me know, and I’ll get some to you – I just put in the order with a printer for new bookmarks and should have them in a couple weeks.

There’ll be a business-card-size conbook ad for the guild, but I’d love for us to have more representation at AC if possible, and since I can’t attend AC myself this year, I’m depending on members and supporters to help out. :slight_smile:

I think the writing track is already cemented in, but I’m happy to throw fliers out at anyone who attends the panels.

Ocean, before I forget, PM me your address so I can get some bookmarks/brochures sent your way. If anyone else wants some (for AC or other upcoming conventions), just drop me a line. :slight_smile: