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Anthro New England 2016

The updated website was just launched, and it looks like the con is going to be a full month earlier this year: January 21st - January 24th. According to their Twitter, this was done to not directly interfere with any other furry con in North America.

The theme is going to be Sports Ball, which is why Jay and I are looking to release Claw the Way to Victory at this convention. We’re still pushing for a Jaffa Books GoH as well!

I don’t think I’m going to be up to running panels on my own again, so if there’s anyone else that wants to go and do a panel or two with me, then I’ll sure jump on with you!

This would mean I have to shuffle around my proposed US tour order, but this could certainly work!

What does it take to run a panel, anyway?

When they open it up on the website, you fill out their form and ask.

…I meant in terms of qualifications.

Convincing them that you have a clue what you’re talking about. I had never run a panel before but I ran three this year.

Have something interesting to talk about, really! That’s about it.

Oh. Well I guess it’ll be some time before I’m qualified, then.