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Anthro New England 2015

Another first-time Boston-area convention, from February 27th - March 1st, and AnthroAquatic will be there! I’m saying AnthroAquatic as opposed to myself as I will have a table in the Dealer’s Den! Will be my first time as a dealer, so I have no idea what to expect.


I will be running three panels there:

  • The Furry Writers’ Guild
  • Writing 101
  • Story Editing

The hotel is gorgeous and the staff has been awesome to me so far. Everyone that has the means should definitely come! I’m really hoping to take this opportunity to start at least a bit of a writer track in the northeast. It could really use one.

I am… strongly considering going, if only because it’s super local to me.

This would be a great excuse to visit with some of Spirit’s friends and family. I’m just not very excited about Boston in the winter >.<

New England winters aren’t THAT bad. I mean, it could be Buffalo!

XD Good point! Jeebus, it’s like someone just decided “Eh, screw those guys.”

Con was awesome. We had a lot of fun at our table. My panels were a bit sparsely attended, but they still worked out in the end. The con itself broke several records, including being the largest first-year furry convention ever. They also managed to raise $10k for their charity, Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog.

The theme for next year will be “Sports Ball”. FANCY THAT.

Sounds great! And next year’s theme sounds…handy :slight_smile:

Glad it went well. :slight_smile: Boston’s still a bit of a trek for me, but at least it’s East Coast, so I might have to keep an eye on this one and see how it develops in future years…

Would definitely recommend it! Most of the staff is fairly young, but I’m blown away by the amount of professionalism by the staff. There were issues, as all cons have, but I’ve seen 3rd and 4th year cons with less issues than this con, and that don’t care half as much about taking care of the issues.

The hotel is also really, really fancy.

Great. Another US convention added to the ‘need-to-go’ list.
Might as well just marry a millionaire and move to the States already.

I see no problem with this plan, Jay.

Really wish I could have went.