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Anthology/Shared World

For a very long time I’ve wanted to do something like a shared world. I have a couple of different ideas but several different things I’m not sure how to do or where to go.

  1. Settings. I have a number of setting ideas, but I’m not sure which might make for the most interesting in terms of shared world. Is it best to list all my ideas and see what folks might want via poll or just go with something and hope folks will like it? (It doesn’t help I end up fighting myself over specific species setting [think along the line of PC in D&D] or just having it open to whatever.)

  2. Getting coauthors. I’m not exactly a famous face and certainly do not have my own means to pay people to write. While I could write in any of the world settings for my own story it wouldn’t bring me closer to something like a shared world or anthology. What is the best way to do this?

  3. Getting published. I’ve no clue what the best way would be to approach a publisher with an idea for a shared world/anthology or how much interest there might be. I am looking into it, but I was hoping folks here could help advise me.

I’m also sorry if this in the wrong place and would be better under Publishing and Marketing.

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If you like furry sci-fi, Rick Griffin and I already have a vibrant shared world going. We’ve published six Hayven Celestia novels and an anthology already with another novel in progress and we welcome other writers who want to write in it.

If you want to discuss it, you can join our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/2Mg7gfU

If you want to read some of them, my books are at: https://gre7g.com

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I really appreciate the offer! I’m already working on a story for the Reclamation Project that Gneech has going, so writing for another one could be fun!

As much fun as writing in someone else’s setting is, it’s not quite the same as developing my own. I’d really appreciate advice on how you got to where you are: how you decided on the idea, how you got people interested, and how you got it published.

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I saw that you joined. Post questions or DM me directly in Discord to talk about it.