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Anthem: the American Wasteland Warning: Multiple Triggers

Written when I was a conservative. Dedicated to Michelle Malkin

Liberation, Syncopation

Please equilibrate the truth.

For the lies that permeate this land

Are startlingly uncouth.

As we watch

The Great Redeamer


Washed out of our lives

Can we quell this drunken fog

Before we try to stop the smog?

In the San Francisco hills there bloom

Nude flowers of revolt

While again in New York City

Orders kept by Trojan colt.

As the Grand fictitious reverend

Spew their dark separatist lies

The giant of redemption is quelled

By dreams of a pie in the sky

A false past

And a tie

The rat crawls from the gutter

To snatched away the Pearlsound

While debate over the issues turns

To bleak bipartisan swirls

Stop! Says Get ACLU

We cannot hurt the rat.

Please note the fleas that bite him,

His back needs to be scratched.

Along the shore

There sit the ominous ravens

Angry, bitter, with wine cups of gall.

In there right hand they brandish a cold flame

In there left hand they brandish a word

All thing continue, from the beginning!

They squawk with vile artogance, sitting by the wayside

All things continue, from the beginning!

They are a diverse lot, of that to be sure

Some atheists, some terrorists

“All things continue, from the beginning!”

Al-lah, Evolution

Responsibility is a horror

To the beautifully defaming

While the dark clouds gather round

Is it me or is it raining?

Arrogance, under diversity, is Miss Pinks

New great by word.

While the dreamer lies in the field

With the dew of fifty years.

It’s the blood he drew with apathy

The plow lies, untouched.

“The world will be as one,” he says

“And why then will I worry,”

“For the conscience will be gone.”

The plow lie, untouched.

Miss Pink says to the Butcher,

“I’d like a plate of peace. Please sacrifice the innocence, so I can have my piece.”

“Hurry up please, it’seems time.”

The Butcher say, “OH no Miss Pink, and let me explain why. Just wait and no innocents will be sacrificed, so you can have your pie!”

“Hurry up, please, It’seems time!”

Miss Pink responds, “What do I care, that’s sounds no concern of mine.”

“Hurry up please it’seems time.”

“We share love,” say the harlots,

“Why cant we embrace.”

"So what if our children suffer,

Their innocence erased.

So as George Sonos funds the smear campaigns,

From off of distant shores

The people in the cities cry

For liberation, more!

As the perverts roam the playgrounds,

Our traditions cut like butter

Still despite the inquisition,

We’re all wondering at the clutter