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Announcing the FWG University!

As my term as FWG president draws to a close, I’ve been working on finishing up the last things on my to-do list that I wanted to add to the guild. Today I’m announcing one of the last big things I wanted to get done – the official opening of FWG University.


Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like much now, just another subforum here, but what I’d love the FWGU to become – with our members’ and supporters’ help – is a place where both new and experienced furry writers can come to learn about writing in a more in-depth way than just a single critique, where our experienced members can pay it forward by leading workshops for their peers and up-and-coming writers in the fandom, and where writers who don’t have the ability to travel to conventions and attend panels can get a little of that same panel experience online from wherever they are.

We’re kicking off the FWGU with a poetry workshop led by Dwale, the FWG Poetry Workshop & Primer, which will begin on May 2 and is open to everyone. (More information will be posted there soon.)

If anyone (member or future member) would like to lead a workshop, we have a proposal form you can fill out and submit. I’d love to see at least one more workshop scheduled before I leave office, and I hope those of you who maybe don’t have a time commitment to allow for ongoing volunteer participation with the guild will at least consider running an informal workshop for a few days. As far as subject matter and format, I’m leaving that wide open – basically, if you could have a panel on it at a convention, it’s worth considering as a workshop here.

checks to-do list Okay, so now we just need a fight song…

I probably don’t really understand this, and I certainly am not a person to discuss poetry with. But if I can get involved any other way, such as in being a furry history teacher, keep me in mind. My UCLA B.A. is in history (over 50 years ago now).

The Poetry Workshop is just the beginning :3 You can run a workshop on anything having to do with the craft of writing, as long as you go through the process as explained in the forum.

I would ABSOLUTELY be down for something like that.

I LOVE this.

Now to think up a workshop . . .

Worldbuilding, Jess?

This is a great idea.