Furry Writers' Guild Forum

An Introduction

Hello all, I’m TJ. I’ve been on the forums for about a month, posting here and there, but I never introduced myself.

I have been in the furry community for about five or six years and have been writing off and on for about as long. I’ve been coming to the Guild’s main site and lurking on the forums for about half a year – give or take, but finally decided to participate after getting two my first two responses to submissions.

I am a military brat who currently lives in Ohio that is currently trying to write more.

Looking forward to interacting more with the Guild.

I’ve seen your name about the boards :slight_smile: Proper Hi to you too!

Welcome to the forums! I enjoyed your story in FANG 7!

Thank you. You’re the first person I don’t know who said a positive thing.

Outside of those who were editing of course.

Welcome welcome!

Hello! Glad to see new faces still coming in :slight_smile:



Welcome welcome! Hope to see more of you!