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An Edit To The By-laws On The Website

Hey everyone!

While adding the new Cóyotl Awards section to the website, it was noticed that the Guild By-laws had not been updated to include acceptance of self published works. It has already been ratified, and in fact members have been accepted, under these standards:

  • You’ve had a self-published work sell 25 or more copies priced at 99¢ or above within a 12-month period
  • You’ve had a self-published work net $200 or more in author earnings within a 12-month period

This was mentioned on the ‘Join The Guild’ page but had never been fully updated to the by-laws on the website. Seeing as how it was an accident that these didn’t make it to the relevant page, I took time to update the by-laws to match.

The link to the Cóyotl Awards Rules was also updated on the by-laws to link properly to the new section on the website.

These were the only edits made. Just wanted to keep members informed even on small things like this. If there are any questions we’ll be happy to answer them.