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Amazon blocks novel due to too many hyphens

And it’s a werewolf novel, too! Happily, Amazon relented and allowed it to be sold again. Full story here:


O.o Oh wow. That’s… kind of hilarious, actually >.> Glad they relented though.

I could write a reply filled with expletives, but I shall not. 100 hyphenated words in a 90,000 novel is no reason to shelve an novel because it may impact readability. It is a farce. The article quotes “razor-filled” for example. Hardly challenging. Whoever must have complained must be quite frankly, and I do not apologise for it, retarded.

The irony is greater when Amazon sells some of the most challenging reads in the entire English language - say the original works of Chaucer, or Edmund Spencer’s The Faerie Queene just to list two examples. Considering I buy most, if not all of my books through Amazon for my studies (all of them being the classics) I’m disgusted by such hypocritical and shameful misconduct. Clearly, Amazon is no fit judge to deem what literature should or should not be sold.


What stupid-heads! Anyone can see that this is a non-issue, even a non-starter, and certainly a not-to-be-tolerated stance by a book-marketing near-monopolist.

XD Bravo!