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Allasso, Volume 3: Storge

The third issue of the small furry e-zine Allasso came out this week – Allasso, Volume 3: Storge. It’s available to read for free online, and it has a lot of really good stories in it – many of them by FWG members. My favorites included “Patchwork Selkie” – a fairly classic selkie story; “Cold Scent” – the story of a police dog dealing with losing his sense of smell; and “On the Surface” – a story about an orca whale trying to bridge the difference in cultures between the ocean and the land. It also has my own story, A Real Stand-Up Guy co-written with my husband, which was inspired by trying to imagine Stephen Colbert as a pug dog.

I think that the stories in Allasso 3 really pull together into a cohesive whole – they speak to each other about themes of family and love across species lines, culture clashes and overcoming them. It’s a really good anthology.

Thanks for the heads up!

I thought this collection was a really strong one, too, and the title works well. I actually didn’t notice my own story was about family love until I had it pointed out!

I suggested the title while I was reading the proof copy! Brian hadn’t come up with anything yet. I was really excited to see that he took my suggestion.

That’s exactly why I think it’s such a strong anthology – I was seeing things in the stories that I don’t think I would have noticed if they hadn’t been placed next to each other. I was really impressed with this issue.

Well done! I love that the titles have all started with S and all been in different languages.