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{ A well-traveled (and slightly eccentric) Aardwolf signs in }

'allo fuzzies!

I don’t have a huge on-line presence, but odd little bits and pieces of me are scattered all over the internet.

Don’t mind me. I tend to lurk for the most part.

Here are a few useless facts about me :

  • Casual furry who’s involvement in the online community has ranged from obsessive to meh over the years
  • Computer programmer by trade and a geek by association
  • Hobbyist writer, unpublished at the time of writing
  • Married to a non-furry and have a beautiful (but headstrong) 1 year old daughter together
  • Loves anything and everything to do with railways and nuclear reactors
  • Bakes his own bread and can’t garden to save his life
  • Based in Cape Town, South Africa

You’d be surprised as to the size of the local furry community, though not yet big enough to hold a successful convention. It is a 15+ hour flight to anywhere of interest, so we are on a bit of an island in that regard. This said, I have had the privilege of visiting Anthrocon in 2006.



Hello and welcome to the forums!

Welcome! I look forward to seeing where your writing takes you (and us)!

Welcome to the forums!

Welcome! :slight_smile:


Welcome!! I love aardwolves (and all species of hyena, really; I study spotted hyenas in Kenya :))).

I hope you find the forums useful and fun!

Welcome to the FWG!