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A story I've been afraid to share needs beta readers; Children of the Storms

Think this is probably the toughest thing I’ve done, not go over my work for a third time and try to make changes to it. But I need beta readers to read over the story I’ve been holding onto for a long time. One that if I don’t let go I probably won’t be able to properly move on to the stories I’ve enjoyed writing. This story is a type of high fantasy, in that magic exist in the world and the hands of the gods are tangible.

How long is the story? If it’s under or around 10k-ish words I can take a look at it and give you honest feedback if that’s what you want.

jlsteeleauthor [a t) aol.com

Before I commit, I would like to know a little more about the piece as well. By biggest curiosity really is the story’s length and if you had a specific goal and turn around time on this?

The story is novel length, about 68,000 words, so anyone who reads it might get a chapter or two. I’ve also thought of cutting sections out; which would be the fourth time I messed with it before anyone really read it. So that’s why having beta readers is important; I can’t look at it again and get a good idea on what works and what doesn’t anymore.

hmmm… I’m curious. Is it your first novel? There’s no hope for my first novel, but I needed to write it to learn how not to write a novel, so I hope you did better than I did :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, I may be willing to help you out. I have some time off coming up in a couple weeks and thus will have time to read. Are you just looking for feedback, or do you want detailed editing, too? I’ll do feedback as a favor this time, but editing is a whole other level.

If you’re serious, send the first 3 chapters or so to my email (prev post), and I’ll let you know if I can read the rest. (I don’t mean that to sound high-handed. It’s just to see if I can get into your writing style.)

It would be my first novel, but something doesn’t quite feel right. It may be time and being my own worst critic. I’m not looking for editing, I mostly want feedback. If there’s things you see that you really wanted to make a note of, feel free. I’ll send you the first three chapters in a moment.