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A second Coffeehouse Chat?

The Coffeehouse Chat has taken off nicely in the last month or so, and if there’s enough interest, I’d like to possibly expand it to a second chat per week. This could be held the same way the current one is, in the shoutbox here on the forums, or I’d also be open to someone hosting it as a Skype chat instead, since a lot of people are available that way. (Either way, shoutbox or Skype, I’d need someone else to commit to hosting it long-term.)

If I’ve set this poll up correctly, it should allow 3 votes per user, so let me know what day and also what time would work best, and which chat method would be best. Obviously no one setup is going to work for everyone, but ideally I’d like to be able to accommodate as many people as possible who haven’t been able to make the Tuesday night chats because of time zones, work scheduling, etc.


I’m available to host. I’m always around anyway, so it’s not like I’d have to go out of my way.

You’re on my shortlist. In fact, it’s so short right now you’re the only one on it. :slight_smile: We’ll see how things shake out with day and time. Would you be available for Skype as well, or just the shoutbox version?

I could do either.

So far, we’ve only had 6 members vote in the poll. Based on that, I’m not sure whether to assume there might not be a huge amount of interest in a second chat, or whether a lot of potential chatters just don’t have a strong preference for one day/time over another.

Still, since the poll has only been up for a few days, I’ll wait at least a full week or so and see how things look then.

I like the idea of a second chat… But, my schedule is complicated and confusing, not to mention dependent on the whims of two chaos demons. So… I wasn’t sure which time to vote for, since I’m not sure that there are any time I can commit to. If a second chat does happen, then I’ll probably try to be around for it sometimes, when I can.

Also, the times that would really work best for me aren’t on that list – 10pm - 12pm in my own time zone. So, I guess that’d be 1am - 3am Eastern. I can understand why it’s not on there… but… It’s the one time slot that would actually consistently work for me.

I think any time that a second one is set up will be awkward for me, but I’ll try and make one if I can!

At this point, looks like the consensus is a shoutbox chat, with the day/time frontrunner being Saturday night (sometime after 8 PM Eastern), and Friday night as the runner-up.

Dwale, what’s your preference as far as day/time to host?

Oh, I would be fine with either, really, though Saturday would be slightly more convenient in my case.

If Saturday would be better for you, we’ll go with that, and you can choose whatever time suits you best, from 8 PM Eastern on.

Eight would be fine with me if it is good for the others.

Should be fine. Just let me know what Saturday you want to start it, and I’ll get the word out.

No time like the present. It will likely be a few weeks until it starts to cook anyway, so best to start ASAP.

Yay, a second Coffeehouse! It’s often nice when things are more inclusive.

Yeah, hoping a weekend day will help for those who haven’t been able to join us on Tuesdays.

Not for me, sadly, as I have to be in bed by 8pm at the absolute latest on Saturdays. Need to be up at 1:30am for my Sunday morning work shift.

One day my schedule will work so I can make more than one chat.

Yay PST! I might actually be able to join in this. Amenthor wants to go camping this weekend, and next weekend is GGC >.< But I’m still very interested!