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A quick note regarding workshops...

I’ve seen some discussion go by on Twitter about possible workshops, and although I don’t have time to make a full detailed post about it at the moment, I just wanted to note that I have been looking into starting up some online workshops connected with the FWG, possibly via the forums here (and giving the workshop’s leader the freedom to add in Skype or webinar formats as needed), to be called FWG University. I know I mentioned this in the shoutbox months ago but haven’t said much about it since. Aside from doing a second FWG anthology, this is the other main project I’d like to get off the ground in the next year before my term as president ends.

I haven’t done much planning on FWGU yet because I originally wanted to talk to some people privately and see if I could get the first one or two workshops committed before I officially announced anything, but with my time being very limited lately, it’s probably best for me to just bring this up here and get some general opinions/feedback/volunteers before I move forward.


I think it’s a wonderful idea, but I have no idea how online workshops work, so I’ll just keep an eye on this thread. :slight_smile:

I would love to see this happen :smiley: I know I’m not nearly experienced enough to volunteer to run one, but perhaps after I get a few under my belt, I’ll be up for the task X3 Either way, definitely looking forward to it!

I’m going to bump this for more attention, since a lot more talk had been going around concerning workshops now that RAWR is open.