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A note to the FWG from Sherry Patten (Fred Patten's sister)

Dear Furry Writers’ Guild Members:

Your name is on the notification list that my brother, Fred Patten, sent to me (updated in 2016), for me to inform you of his death.

You may already know this, and, may have read Fred’s Wikipedia listing, but, I am including here the websites to 3 of the wonderfully detailed articles written about Fred’s life, his death, and his accomplishments.

Also included is the information about Fred’s books published in 2018, and, the book he was most proud of writing, to be published next spring.

Visiting Fred daily at his convalescent hospital, these past 12+ years, and, taking him out to a movie once a week or so, gave me the wonderful opportunity to learn about my older brother. Fred was always unique…and, it is very gratifying to learn that he was able to pursue his childhood passions into a professional career as a recognized authority on those media and the genres that followed.

Sincerely, Sherry Patten


(Sherry includes the covers/links to Exploring New Places and What the Fox, Fred’s last two books published in 2018, and mentions an untitled history of furry fandom to be published by McFarland in Spring 2019.)

From Mike Glyer – November 13, 2018

From Dan Sarto – November 20, 2018

From Patch Packrat – November 21, 2018

I wasn’t sure which thread was best to post this to, but a friend of mine who is into anime was listening to an anime podcast tonight and they talk about Fred on it.

Here’s the link: https://www.awopodcast.com/2018/12/anime-world-order-show-170-here-come-de-judge-here-come-de-judge.html