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A note somewhere that it's okay to bump posts

This forum has a lot of good discussions that died off months or years ago, and I have things to add. A lot of forums throw a fit if you bump an old thread, even if your post is a top-quality contribution. I poked around for forum rules, but came up empty (aside from the critique forum).

A forum-wide announcement/thing letting people know this is okay might help get the activity level up.

This is what we have at the moment for forum rules:


Which, yeah, doesn’t say anything about necro-ing threads, one way or the other.

For the record, I think it’s fine as long as the new post adds something to the conversation – and since I’m planning an overhaul of the rules/conduct guidelines before the end of my term, I’ll add a note in there about that.

As far as our activity level, it waxes and wanes. I do think a lot of people lately would rather chat (either in the shoutbox here or on Slack) than post to the forums – which is a bit disappointing for people like me who don’t have a lot of spare time to chat, but at least it’s community activity generally. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

I kind of blame myself for that >.> But at least folks are talking. Hoping to get more active on the forums, personally, now that I’m working graveyard shift. Maybe inject some action back up in here :wink: