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A Long Overdue Introduction

Hi, all, I’m Dan P., or greyhound1211. I’ve been listed on the writer’s page of the guild for a spell but I didn’t sign up for the forum’s until now. I suppose it’s good timing since my second novella/very long short story has been made available as of yesterday at noon!

So, I guess as far as introductions go, I’ll say that I currently have three of my stories included in anthologies published by Thurston Howl and Armoured Fox Press, with the latter-most coming out at some point in the near future.

As for my writing, I suppose I’ve found a niche in writing westerns of both the classic and weird/low fantasy sub-genres, as that is what two of my short stories have fallen into. It’s also the genre I’ve chosen for my most recent novel as well, with that one having far more magical/paranormal elements than my short stories/novellas. But, I also have a good love for noir/detective, fantasy of most every type, and some sci fi, too!

As for what my goals are, I suppose they’re getting a novel to print - hopefully soon! - and working towards making more of a ‘career’ of writing, as much as that can be done anymore. So lately, the quest has been query letters, formatting, editing, and all the technical aspects that come with writing.

Hope I can meet some people and improve my skills!

Welcome to the forums. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Welcome, and be sure to join us on that Discord thing. Pretty active over there.

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