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A Furry History Book?

This thought has been bouncing on and off in my head. What if we write a Furry history book? Like a nonfictional account of the rise of the Furry Fandom, the people behind it, the issues of the media, the different cultures that have come out of it, etc… Not like Furries Among Us which is more about personal experiences within the fandom. I don’t know. I think something like that would work really well since most of the history of the fandom is so spread out. You either have to know the people who were there or people who knew the people who lived it. Having a full account of the fandom leading to present day can at least give people both within and outside a sense of scope of how this fandom continues to thrive under all the pressure. What do you guys think?

Joe Strike in NYC has been writing a history of furry fandom for years. He has a literary agent trying to get a mainstream publisher to buy it. I don’t know what’s happening with this today.


My Furry Fandom Conventions, 1989-2015 is in production at McFarland. It should be published next Spring.


I wrote An Illustrated Chronology of Furry Fandom, 1966-1996 on Flayrah. It’s available to anyone writing a history of the fandom.

I wrote a three part essay on the Usenet newsgroup alt.lifestyle.furry that was published on the website Adjective Species last year in September:


Tim Gadd, a founder of the newsgroup, added some important comments and also wrote a dedication to some of the participants who are now deceased.


Just a couple days ago I submitted another essay about alt.lifestyle.furry to Adjective Species. Makyo, the site’s admin, tells me it will be published on or very near September 11. The topic is the discussion on that newsgroup regarding the terrrorist attacks of September 2001.

Besides just touting my own writings, I also want to mention that other history essays have appeared on Adjective Species such as JM’s http://adjectivespecies.com/2012/12/03/the-second-wave-of-furry/ and Flip’s http://adjectivespecies.com/2015/06/04/the-beginnings-of-the-modern-furry-aesthetic/ and other sites, notably Dogpatch Press, http://dogpatch.press/2015/08/31/rumor-ad-for-confurence/ for example.

Also Furry Dolphin’s site: http://www.furrydolphin.net/2009_files/furry-history.html

A search of Wikifur for “Furry history” gives a list of many disparate entries. It might be a good thing for some writer with alot of time on their paws to assemble a Furry History page listing the most relevant pages. Sorry, not me!

Writing a book on furry history would be quite an undertaking. There are still so many stories that haven’t been told but could be told by the people who lived them. I’ll just leave you with a quote from JM’s essay on furry non-fiction:
There is little glamour in writing non-fiction pieces about furry. It takes time and research to write on any topic with authority, and most articles will attract a small amount of attention on publication before sinking without a trace :frowning:


Here’s an idea I came up with recently: a Furry History Month. What could be done during a Furry History Month? Maybe create a page on Wikifur that lists pages which deal mostly with past furry events, beyond the typical histories listed on each furcon’s page.

Maybe, and this is my favorite, promote the writing of personal furry history. Perhaps this could become a collection somehow, somewhere.

So, there it is, nothing definite, just some concepts.