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50% off Scrivener

Not sure if this is strictly above board, but since I already own Scrivener, love it to bits, and would recommend it to everyone, would anybody like the discount code for 50% off Scrivener for Windows or Mac (not the new iOS version) I received for ‘winning’ Camp NaNoWriMo? PM me!

(But Husky, what the heck is Scrivener?)

My big worry with Scrivner is that I won’t use it to its fullest potential. Most of my projects are smaller works. I think I need to try to trial first. And have money to afford it even at half-cost.

Heck, I’m probably not using the full power either!

I use it for short stories and it’s great for that. I love being able to plan scenes and set a target wordcount for each of them; it helps add structure.