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2017 officer elections?

So I glanced at the by-laws this morning to refresh my memory, and it looks like technically the FWG should be well into its campaign season for VP and secretary/treasurer at this point – well, and president too, since that’s a one-year term. Will there be elections this year? Might have to compress the calendar a bit if so. :slight_smile:

Guess I ought to do some digging myself! Either way, I started a channel on the slack for some discussion, though I figure the forum ought to be the source of truth on this, since all members have access, I think. Will bring it up during the coffeehouse tonight, too.

Thanks for the reminder!

Yes, we should. I think my sense of when everything happened last year was about a month off. I’ll post things by this weekend (if not sooner, but I’m at full-time work again, and technically sneaking on from the office right now), and perhaps propose a slightly squished election schedule.