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2017 FWG treasurer candidacy - Renee Carter Hall (Poetigress)

With the approval of the current president (and the incoming one, should there be no more candidates running), the Secretary/Treasurer position is being split into its two positions, and I’m announcing my candidacy for treasurer.

Besides the fact that I’m familiar with the duties from my time as president and am confident I can carry them out, my candidacy is also a matter of convenience both for me and the guild. The FWG PayPal account is a personal one that was technically created under my name, and becoming treasurer would give me the peace of mind that that account in my name isn’t still being passed from person to person, while also giving the guild a full year to figure out if there might be a better solution for us financially than using personal PayPal accounts. (Should I become treasurer, I can also link my bank account back up, so that we can again have full access to PayPal’s features, as if I remember right, we still have a donation floating around that can’t be accepted without a verified account.)

Again, Secretary remains open as a separate position, as I unfortunately don’t have anywhere near the kind of time and effort that I feel the blog deserves. I’m hoping someone will still step up and take that on – it’s a great opportunity just waiting for someone’s vision and enthusiasm. :slight_smile:

Reviving this thread to note that I will not be running for treasurer in 2018, so I’ll be handing those duties (and the PayPal balance) off to either the new treasurer or president in June.