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2017 FWG Officer Elections

Technically, it’s past election season. Because I dropped the ball on this, I’m going to set a few revised deadlines which will hopefully get things on track…

[ul][]Candidates for President, Vice President and Secretary should declare between April 25th (today!) and Friday, May 12th. Declare your candidacy by posting in this forum.
]For any position that has only one declared candidate at the end of the declaration period, hooray! You won.
[]For positions with two or more declared candidates, a debate thread will be made in the FWG forum on Saturday, May 13th which will remain open until Friday, May 19th. Voters may direct questions to candidates via that thread.
]For positions with two more declared candidates, voting will take place beginning 12 a.m. EST on Monday, May 22nd and ending 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, May 29th.
[]The winners of elections will be announced May 30th.
]The new office holders will transition in the first week in June.[/ul]

And, as a personal note: I’ve decided not to seek a second term as FWG President. I will, however, seek the Vice President position.

Currently, we have one declared candidate for President, Makyo, and one declared candidate for VP, Chipotle.

Emails with this schedule will be going out late tonight or tomorrow.

Thank you for pulling this together, Chip, and for keeping things running smoothly this last year!

It showed up in another thread, but to be above board, here’s my declaration: http://writing.drab-makyo.com/posts/writing/2017/04/25/fwg-candidacy/

Just a note, too, that if anyone needs a refresher on the duties of the various positions, they’re laid out in the by-laws under Article IV:

Here’s a quick question that isn’t specified in the by-laws. With the Secretary/Treasurer position, is the person responsible for posting the blogs/spotlight/things to the site, or do they just send the info for them along to the President to work with? That may not sound like a lot, but messing with the UI of a website can be challenge for some, more so than simple putting together the info.

I’ve assumed it to mean that the secretary is actually posting the items, so that the president doesn’t have to deal with that aspect at all. As long as the blog stays on Wordpress, it’s pretty easy to deal with.

I suppose that could be open to interpretation/agreement between the president and the secretary, though, if someone really wanted to be in charge of gathering things but not actually posting them. Again, though, the Wordpress interface isn’t that big of a tech hurdle. If you used LiveJournal back in the day, it’s similar to that, I guess.

It’s the gathering that’s actually the work. :slight_smile: By the time you’ve recorded everything that’s necessary to post, you, well, pretty much have the post.

As only one candidate declared for each position (as seems to be quasi-tradition), we have the following officers for 2017-2018:

President: Makyo
Vice-President: Chipotle
Treasurer: Poetigress

Terms start June 1. Congratulations!