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2016 Election - General Announcements

(I’ll be sending this out as a member-wide email but wanted to also post this here for reference.)

This is a reminder to all members that we’ll be starting our 2016 election season soon. This covers both the election of the FWG president as well as any potential changes to our by-laws, as those require a vote from the membership to be approved.

As noted last year, I’m not seeking a third term, so I’m looking forward to seeing who will step up as candidates to continue the accomplishments we’ve made so far and maintain the FWG as a strong, active part of the furry writing community.

For reference, here’s the breakdown of our election process:

March 31 - April 30: Candidates may officially announce their intention to run for FWG president, by posting a thread to the Guild Election forum. This is also the time period for proposing changes to the by-laws and seeking discussion on them, as the ballot will be finalized May 1.

May 1 - May 14: No later than May 1, I’ll open up the debate thread in the Guild Election forum, and member will have the opportunity to ask the candidates their questions. (For FWG members who don’t have a forum account or prefer that their questions be posted anonymously, they may email their questions to furwritersguild@gmail.com, and I’ll post the questions to the thread. Those emails will then be deleted once the question is posted.) If there are any proposed changes to the by-laws that have not had discussion threads by this point, I will create those as well.

May 16 - May 23: Voting. More details on this forthcoming; there will be a separate email address used for voting purposes only.

May 24: Announcement of results.

June 1: The next president’s term begins.

While I’ll do my best to send crucial updates by email to all members, please keep an eye on the Guild Election forum for full information as we go forward. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post to this thread or contact me by email at furwritersguild@gmail.com.

Thank you all in advance for your participation. :slight_smile:

Just a reminder that members can now declare their candidacy for FWG president and/or formally propose changes or additions to the by-laws, from now until April 30. Either way, just start a new thread here in the Guild Election forum.

I’d just like to point out that, as I mentioned before, I’d like the task of moving the forums off of AnthroAquatic.com to be a priority coming out of this year’s election. Something to keep in mind for the candidates. =)

Since we once again wound up with only one candidate running, congratulations to Watts “Chipotle” Martin, who will serve as our next FWG president. :slight_smile:

We will still have a ballot to vote on whether to adopt the new officer positions (see the official proposal here), and that ballot will be going out no later than Monday, May 16. Voting on that will run until May 23.