Furry Writers' Guild Forum

2016-17 FWG Presidency

Hi. I’m Chipotle, a/k/a Watts Martin, and the incoming Furry Writers’ Guild president.

Many of you know me mostly from hanging out in the FWG Slack and the Shoutbox. I’ve been in furry fandom since the late 1980s, and started writing furry stories almost as soon as I realized they were a thing. I’ve been nominated for the Cóyotl Award and the Ursa Major Award several times, and my novella Indigo Rain won a Cóyotl in 2013.

Less well known these days, though, is that I co-created and edited Mythagoras, an eclectic furry 'zine with unabashedly literary pretentions. Friends and I wanted to mingle furry writing with more mainstream sf/fantasy. While Mythagoras didn’t last too long, it showcased early work from M.C.A. Hogarth, Lawrence M. Schoen, Paul Kidd, and others, and influenced Sofawolf Press. (Their early magazine Anthrolations was, if not a spiritual direct descendant, at least a spiritual cousin once removed.)

The Furry Writers’ Guild focuses on what I wanted to do all those years ago: promoting quality anthropomorphic fiction and its creators. Duroc and Sean Rivercritic set up a strong foundation here, which Poetigress did an amazing job shepherding and growing. I’m hoping to keep that momentum going, and with any luck (and more than a little help from all of you), find new avenues for developing our work and attracting wider audiences.

Here’s to a great year!

— Chipotle

Ryoukai! o7


I’m sure you’re going to rock this place :smiley:

Welcome and excited that you’re president!