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2015 Ursa Major Awards

I just nominated the Furry Writers’ Guild website for the 2015 Ursa Major Award in the Best Website category.

Several FWG members have novels, short fiction, or other works published during 2015 that are eligible for the UMAs. Anyone can nominate. Go to the UMA website for instructions on how to nominate and the nomination form. You get five nominations in each category.

The 2015 Anthropomorphic Recommended Reading List on the UMA website has some reminders of excellent works by non-FWG members. I nominated “Mort(e)” by Robert Repino in the Best Novel category.

I nominated FWG, too!

I have looked at the UM site and couldn’t find some info.

When it comes time for voting, is each nomination eligible alone or does each nomination require several people to nominate it before it gets on the ballot? I voted last year but can’t remember the process. Perhaps I’m getting it confused with some other online award I once saw.

Second, is it appropriate for forum users to shill their nominations (on this specific board) for the Ursa awards?

Note: I’m not accusing anyone of shilling their nomination. I just want to know if I can do some shilling of my own. Or touting, maybe. Or spend a shilling, if I had one, which I don’t. Have a good Saturday!

I believe the top nominees in every category - top 5? - go to the final vote. Otherwise it would get a bit unmanageable.

Wikifur gives a good explanation:

At the end of the nominating period, the submissions are tabulated and the works receiving the highest number of submissions (usually the top 5, though ties or the like may mandate a few more or less) become the nominees for the year’s Ursa Major Awards. Registered voters may then vote. Note that any furry who wishes may register to vote for Ursa Major Awards - this is meant as a fandom-wide award.

Though I have made a handful of nominations so far, I will share and recommend just this one here, seeing as I am not actually an FWG member.

The essay “Criticism in Furry” May 2015 by JM http://www.adjectivespecies.com/2015/05/04/the-role-of-criticism-within-furry-or-buy-this-article/

This essay created what may have been the most extensive discussion ever on Adjective Species and also was posted and participated in here on Anthroaquatic.com at http://www.anthroaquatic.com/forum/index.php?topic=367.0

I feel that awarding this essay would be a great acknowledgement to both JM and all of you who participated in the discussion that arose from it. Thank you.

Note: I have placed my nomination for “Criticism in Furry” in the “Other Literary Work” category.

The final ballot has been announced, and voting is open through April 15th.


The Flayrah article has links to most of the nominees: https://www.flayrah.com/6490/2015-ursa-major-award-final-ballot