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2015 Election - General Announcements

Just a heads-up as we approach FWG election season…

“Members who wish to run for the office of president must announce their candidacy during the period of March 31 through April 30. If, at the end of this period, only the incumbent has announced candidacy, the incumbent will retain office and no election will be held unless there are other items to be voted upon by the membership.” (quoted from the by-laws)

If there is more than one candidate running, the debate thread will then be created on May 1 (to run through May 14), and voting will begin May 16.

Of course, in addition to the office of president, this can be a chance for the membership to vote on things like changes to the membership criteria or other polices mentioned in the by-laws, so if any members have proposals to be voted on, this is an excellent time to work those up.

Given that there have been no other candidates and no changes to the by-laws to vote on at the moment, it looks like there’s no need for an election this year. So you guys are stuck with me for another year. :slight_smile:

I will announce now, though, that I won’t seek a third consecutive term, so everyone keep that in mind for next April. I’d love to see at least two people run next year, so we can have a real election for the first time. XD

Can’t help it that you’re so good at what you do.

Congrats on your re-election! And thank you for doing a fantastic job as president!