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2015 Cóyotl Awards Final Ballot

Here is the final ballot for the 2015 Cóyotl Awards:

Best Novel

[ul][li]Barsk: The Elephant’s Graveyard by Lawrence M. Schoen[/li]
[li]Forest Gods by Ryan Campbell[/li]
[li]The Long Road Home by Rukis[/li]
[li]Rat’s Reputation by Michael H. Payne[/li]
[li]Windfall by Tempe O’Kun[/li][/ul]

Best Novella

[ul][li]Koa of the Drowned Kingdom by Ryan Campbell[/li]
[li]Losing My Religion by Kyell Gold[/li][/ul]

Best Short Story

[ul][li]The Analogue Cat by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden[/li]
[li]Bullet Tooth Claw by Marshall L. Moseley[/li]
[li]Muskrat Blues by Ianus J. Wolf[/li][/ul]

Best Anthology

[ul][li]The Furry Future edited by Fred Patten[/li]
[li]Inhuman Acts edited by Ocean Tigrox[/li]
[li]ROAR Volume 6 edited by Mary E. Lowd[/li][/ul]

Voting will run through Friday, July 1st. FWG members can cast their ballots here: http://coyotlawards.org/voting/

On the ballot it looks like the first entry under “Best Short Story” is truncated or not displaying properly.

I thought Roar 6 was not eligible to be nominated since it’s Mary’s work and she’s running the Coyotls?

Thanks for catching that! Fixed.

There’s no rule about the Coyotl Awards Chair’s work not being eligible. However, I chose to withdraw my own fiction from consideration, as it seems like the right thing to do. ROAR 6 is primarily the work of the many authors who contributed to it, so I chose not to withdraw it from consideration.

Would not the work of the individual authors be represented by their story in the short story category?

Whether to withdraw my works from consideration was a personal call. A lot of thought went into my decision, but in the end, this was the choice I made.

I have posted the Cóyotl final ballot to File 770, the s-f newszine.

Sounds good. Congrats on the nomination!

I recall last year there was a thread for FWG members to peruse stories/novels that made the cut.
Is there a thread like that this year?

There is now. :slight_smile:


Right now it’s mostly ordering links, until I hopefully get more links to the shorter works.

My votes have been cast! Looking forward to seeing who wins :3