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2014 Ursa Major Awards open for nominations

The 2014 Ursa Major Awards are open for nominations.


Anyone can vote and nominate in the Ursa Majors. If you’re trying to think of something to nominate, then you could check the thread for works eligible for the Coyotl Awards. Pretty much all the same things will be eligible, with two exceptions. Kyell Gold has withdrawn his work from consideration in the Ursa Majors. I’ve withdrawn my work from consideration in the Coyotls (because I run them).

If you’d like to consider nominating any of my works (or just read them), they’re all temporarily available for free. You can find links here:


Does anyone know if podcast fits into the Ursa Majors at all?
I think the best I’ve seen is them placing it under “Magazine”
I think recommending they open a category to podcasts would be a good idea as well

I don’t know if they’re still taking nominations for 2014, but in the absence of a better category, I’d guess that podcasts can be nominated under “Recommended Anthropomorphic Miscellany”. You should probably include from/to dates or episode numbers similar to what you see in the Comic Strip and Graphic Story categories.

They’re not taking names for the Recommended List but from what I can tell, that is separate from nominations?
Can any one confirm/deny?

Yes, the recommended list is totally separate from nominations.

I know having a podcast award, or at the very least a recommended category, has been suggested by others – at least, I’ve seen it come up in discussions of the Ursas in recent years – but nothing’s been changed. I think Anthro Dreams was listed in the magazine category because of it technically being a fiction magazine, just in audio format.

Regular podcasts should be eligible in the Magazine category.

Aww man, there were so many short stories I wanted to nominate, I had to leave out some I really liked :frowning:

But that’s a good thing for the fandom, right?

I was just looking over the Recommended Anthropomorphics List on the Ursa Major site and noticed that the Furry Writers’ Guild website is listed under Recommended Anthropomorphic Website.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, then you’re on these forums – which means you may find some value in the FWG website and might want to think about nominating it for an Ursa Major.

In other news, nominations are still open. They stay open until the end of the month.

Two more weeks to make nominations in the Ursa Majors this year.

Oooo excellent point :smiley:

Closing soon! Remember, if you kept the key you were emailed, you can go in and amend your ballot if you change your mind or think of something to add.

The Ursa Majors close for nominations today. So, if you wanted to nominate anything this year, today’s your last chance!