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2013 Ursa Major Award Winners

The 2013 Ursa Major Award winners have been posted online:


Awesome list. One question to anyone who may have the answer: How is Frozen an anthropomorphic movie?

It’s the Ursa Majors. They’re not supposed to make any sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, you got me. shrug As far as I can recall, the reindeer didn’t talk and didn’t necessarily seem sentient beyond normal animal intelligence, so I’m assuming it’s because of Olaf the snowman, or the trolls, or just that everybody went nuts over Frozen generally (for reasons that I think have more to do with what they’re projecting onto the movie/characters than what was actually present). I guess if you’re adhering to the dictionary definition of anthropomorphic, then Olaf counts as an anthropomorphic snowman and the trolls maybe as anthro rocks, but IMO furry is about anthro animal characters, not just anthropomorphized objects and such.

But the movie category in the Ursas has always been kind of wonky, maybe in part since the entries are almost always mass media and not fandom-based. I think it winds up being more “this is the movie that furries liked the most this year,” not “this is the best movie this year that features an anthro character.”

Ha…best description :smiley:

There are people who to this day are upset that Avatar beat out Fantastic Mr. Fox for the UMA that year.

Anthropomorphic snow man, I’m guessing. Olaf is the only talking non-human, aside from the brief minute that Marshmellow the giant ice monster was on screen (and only said like, two lines).