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2013 Ballot Announced -- Voting open until Aug. 31

Voting for the 2012 awards and nominations for the 2013 awards closed last night. We received votes from nineteen members and nominations from fourteen, meaning that participation in nominations has more than doubled from last year.

Without further ado, I’m proud to announce the nominees for 2013…

Best Novel

Divisions by Kyell Gold
Evolutionary Action by Phil Geusz
God of Clay by Ryan Campbell
Otters In Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly by Mary E. Lowd
Summerhill by Kevin Frane

Best Novella

A Monster and a Gentleman by Lady Chastity Chatterley
Indigo Rain by Watts Martin
Mirror, Signal, Maneuver by Huskyteer
Pile by Kandrel
The Moment at Eternity by Dark End

Best Short Story

Fox in the Hen House by Mary E. Lowd
Hellhound by Renee Carter Hall
Son of the Blood Moon by Bill Rogers
The Claw in her Heart by Renee Carter Hall

Best Anthology

Heat #10 edited by Alopex
Hot Dish #1 edited by Alopex
Mouseguard: Legends of the Guard #2 edited by David Petersen
Trick or Treat #1 edited by Ianus J. Wolf
What Happens Next edited by Fred Patten

Congratulations to all the nominees! Voting is open until August 31st. The winners (as well as the winners of the 2012 awards) will be announced at an awards ceremony at Rainfurrest.

I should note that, technically, this is the ballot for the 2014 awards, since according to both the Cóyotl and FWG websites, we already did the 2012 awards (for works published in 2011). So, yeah, nitpicking, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats, everyone! Hopefully we can double our participation numbers again with next year’s awards, once we’re back on our regular schedule and not trying to do so much at once.

Huh… I guess we should agree on a consistent way to refer to the awards by year. I’ve been following the convention used by the Ursa Majors and using the year that the works were published in. I think that especially makes sense in the case of the awards that we just finished voting on – they weren’t presented in 2013, and they don’t honor works published in 2013.

I just figured we would continue the way we started the numbering originally, which was with the awards of a given year honoring things published in the previous calendar year. To me it makes sense that we’re now voting on the 2014 awards, since this is 2014 and the awards will be given out this year.

But if that’s going to wind up being too confusing, I guess I could change the previous awards listed on the site to the 2011 awards instead of the 2012 ones. It just seems weird to me to go back and change the year on something we already awarded.

I think that especially makes sense in the case of the awards that we just finished voting on -- they weren't presented in 2013, and they don't honor works published in 2013.

They would have been presented in 2013, though, if we’d been on time with them. Besides, I don’t want to use an anomaly like that as the basis for changing something, as I’m hoping we won’t have any more gaps to deal with going forward. :confused:

I would think if you’re going to do the awards for things in the year 2014, you should wait til the whole year is actually up. Things may be published in December 2014 so they should be considered for 2014.

This sort of confusion is why I prefer to name the awards for the year that they’re honoring – I think it’s slightly less confusing. Though, at a certain level, I think we’re doomed to a little confusion no matter what. (To be clear: the voting currently underway is to honor works from 2013; we just finished voting on works from 2012; and we won’t hold nominations or voting to honor works from 2014 until some time in 2015.)

As far as I can tell, the only thing we can’t change is that the actual certificates given to winners during the first Coyotl Awards refer to themselves as being the 2012 Awards. As for the Coyotl website – it’s already inconsistent. When buni ran it, she named the awards for the year they were to be presented in. Since I took over, I’ve been naming them by the year they’re honoring. Overall, that’s what I’d prefer, but if you think it’s more important to stay consistent with the one year that’s already happened, I guess I could be convinced to do that.

I wasn’t sure whether the year was on the certificates, since I never received mine for that year.

shrug I guess I’ll just change it, since I seem to be the only one so far who isn’t automatically confused by it.

Just a note that, because of an exclusivity agreement for Trick or Treat that hasn’t expired yet, I won’t be able to post “Hellhound” publicly anywhere, though I can still email a copy of the story to any members who are interested (reneecarterhall at gmail dot com).

I’m going to try to get “The Claw in Her Heart” posted to FA and Weasyl probably on Friday. There were a lot of edits made, so I’m having to compare the final version I have with the published version to make sure everything matches up properly.

“The Claw in Her Heart”
FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14336429/
Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/704307

And I’ll take this opportunity to note that Ryffnah’s “Fox in the Hen House,” also on the ballot, is on FA as well:

(Since “Son of the Blood Moon” also comes from Trick or Treat, I’m assuming Bill’s bound by a similar agreement to the one I have for “Hellhound” and won’t be able to post it online.)