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12 Days of Yiffmas

Weasel Press is working with Thurston Howl, of Thurston Howl Publications, on a new holiday themed erotic anthology.

12 Days of Yiffmas - The Naughty Furs Holiday Wishlist

Deadline: June 1, 2018

Theme: Furry erotica centered around the holidays

Word Count: 1,500-6,000

Payment: $0.005 per word
Submitters must have Paypal, or inform editors that another method is needed.

Editor: Thurston Howl
Email Thurston if you have any questions. jonathan.thurstonhowlpub@gmail.com

Expected release: Just in time for December!

12 Days of Yiffmas is an erotic furry anthology all to do with the holiday season. We want to see harnessed reindeer, inappropriately used candy canes, Yule spitroasts, and snowmen with heated intentions. Despite the title, we are open to all of the winter holidays. So bring your Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Christmas, and whatever-else tales. We will only be accepting twelve stories for this anthology, and it will be illustrated. So, we are looking for diversity here.

Kink and fetish are perfectly fine (and maybe even encouraged) with submissions, and you are free to play around with genre here. While erotic horror is accepted, we will not tolerate any explicit portrayals of Rape, Torture Porn, Pedophilia, necrophilia, Characters that you do not own or characters under copyright, Bigotry, and extreme violence.

Reprints are fine with us as long as you own the rights to your story.

Simultaneous submissions are fine! If your story is accepted elsewhere, it is your responsibility to let us know. Max of three subs per writer.

Weasel Press asks for Non-Exclusive rights to your story in perpetuity.

Submissions are taken through Submittable. Use one submittable form to upload your story(stories if more). The form will take up to 3 DOC or DOCX documents. That means you’ll have to have all of your submission ready when you send it off.

Do not email your submissions. Emailed submissions will be ignored.

Is the payment rate correct? I’m unsure if I’m reading it correctly as it seems fairly low! Is this 1/2 cent?

Apologies if I’m being daft and slow, it’s been a long day. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Half a cent per word is standard for most furry anthologies right now so it is probably correct.

That makes way more sense than what my sleep-deprived mind was concocting! Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

Hiya! The payment rate is correct. This project pays 1/2 cent per word.

Table of Contents:

WhiteClaw - A (Not Yet) Merry Christmas, art by LaserHanon
Faolan - Freyr’s Game, art by Jakensitou
Colin Leighton - Where the Lovelight Gleams, art by Faukx
Kuroko - Deck the Halls, art by Tabaxi
Cedric G! Bacon - A Yule Carol, art by Stedilnik
Sisco Polaris - Ice Fishing with Nick, art by Boneitis
Miles Reaver - Band Over, art by Iudicium
LeCount - Snow-Plowed, art by Tabsley
Ferric - Family Comes First, art by Lhonaen
Thurston Howl - 39-and-a-Half-Foot Pole, art by Tabaxi
Patrick D. Lambert - Jingle Hell, art by Drkchaos
TJ Minde - Waggy, art by Iudicium

Yiffy holiday music album to accompany stories:
Forseti Fox, vocals
Erin Wolf and Thurston Howl, piano
Tabsley, recording
Cosmik and Rhubarb the Bear, lyrics and a few songs