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does the update dance

Tags! Now you can tag your submissions, view submissions under a certain tag, and view tags as a cloud: https://alopex.honeycomb.cafe/tags/ https://alopex.honeycomb.cafe/tags/tag/foxes/

Second pass will include adding favorite/blocked tags to user profiles.


New and improved view submission page: https://alopex.honeycomb.cafe/~makyo/1-this-is-a-submission-that-everyone-can-see/

[update dance intensifies]

Front page lists recent submissions and activity (first pass, though, so static only; live updates coming, and maybe making it look better too) - https://alopex.honeycomb.cafe

Frustrating branch was frustrating!

But now you can upload various formats (docx, odt, LaTeX, markdown, etc) for the story content, an image for the cover, and an image for the story’s icon. See: https://alopex.honeycomb.cafe/~makyo/2-test-uploaded-files/

Tasks organized into issues and milestones. Most is maybe not relevant to folks here, except for the milestone dates:

[ul][li]0.0.1 (alpha): Honeycomb released on honeycomb.cafe with final DB and search, some features not yet implemented - December 19[/li]
[li]0.1.0 (beta): Essential features implemented - February 20[/li]
[li]1.0.0 (production): All features implemented, Honeycomb charmed for redeployability and scalability and production moved to AWS - March 31[/li]
[li]Additional tasks going above and beyond 1.0.0 don’t currently have any milestone, and are available here[/li][/ul]

Dates are soft, of course, and may happen faster or slower, but that’s the schedule as it stands. Any thoughts?

One of the things I would like the most is the ability to get the story from my word processing program to the site with the formatting intact in as few steps as possible, at least if the formatting options used in the story fall reasonably within those most widely available and most commonly used.

Much of that falls under the pervue of the work from the last branch. You can upload the filetypes listed here: https://alopex.honeycomb.cafe/about/help/submissions/

Some formatting is lost (images and fonts are notable; I don’t have any way of pulling them out of a word/odt doc yet), but you can upload files and expect much of the formatting to remain in place.

hollers into the void UPDAAAATES

the void hollers back YEESH, NO NEED TO SHOUT

Comments now work on submissions: https://alopex.honeycomb.cafe/~makyo/3-test-comments/ Accepts markdown, nested works, deleting works, creates notifications (though some tweaks on actually displaying those will be needed), etc. Have fun :3

Oh. And, sorry, the void :frowning:


Administration work started!

Next up: flagging content as a possible ToS/AUP violation and banning users

Two update. TWO UPDATE!

Update from the weekend:

[ul][li]First pass at all admin tasks is finished. Can now apply for various things (moderator positions, publisher pages, ads, etc), flag items such as submissions and comments for administrative review, and ban users[/li]
[li]Lots and lots of organization of issues. Reminder that we have three milestones:

These may spawn additional work (and additional milestones), but that’s the order in which things will be done. The goal is to have Beta be the database lockdown period (depending on whether I can get OAuth to work), with data integrity from that point on.[/li]
[li]Server is getting arranged. Will be using a portion of a dedicated server in New York for the time being; may move on to AWS if things grow, but right now, that’s not going to be necessary.[/li]
[li]I’ve also purchased honeycomb.lgbt for the LGBTQ+ writing community to use; more users means more input (and probably more contributions!), so that’s good.[/li]
[li]I took some time off and that felt good, too ^^[/li][/ul]

Reminder that, if you’re on the Slack (FWG or Postfurry), more detailed info will be in #honeycomb.


Some stuff about rapid coverage testing that doesn’t work because mutter mutter grumble

But that doesn’t matter!

Now you can favorite and block tags. If you favorite a tag, you’ll be able to view all new submissions which are tagged such. If you block a tag, submissions tagged as such won’t appear in submission lists.

I’m unsure if I should post this here or as a GitHub issue, but I have a suggestion that other sites don’t have and might be easy to implement. Allow users to create a ‘Tag Stream.’ Each tag stream has its own set of tags and show the most recent submissions with those tags. In example, I could have two tag streams like this:

TS1 SFW Dragon Stories (tags: dragon, -nsfw)
TS2 NSFW Dragon Stories (tags: dragon, nsfw)
TS3 Oddly Specific Dragon Stories (tags: wyvern, city, dragon, ice-breathing, female, -nsfw)

Rather than blocking ‘nsfw’ sitewide, then going to search the dragon tag, I could just have a custom row in a personal area of the site that lets me see the newest dragon stories, separated neatly. If that’s too much for the server to handle, then you could limit the amount of tag streams per person. Anyways, this might be a stupid idea, but it would help new writers get exposure and readers find new stories. I hope something like this is possible, especially since you already implemented tags~